complaints and musings of a well-endowed kitchen wench

29 July 1978
California, United States
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Goldsmiths College, University of London - Lewisham England - Greater London UK
Johns Hopkins University - Baltimore MD
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a415, accordion, aerobics, annwfn, anthropology, baking, baroque music, bassoon, bluegrass, cats, central asia, central asian music, chagatay, cooking, crocheting, cultural studies, diva cup, doira, dutar, ethnography, ethnomusicology, europop, feminism, folk music, frame drums, frugality, genbukan, gender selection, goddess, goth, green party, green tea, hatha yoga, health at every size, heterophony, historically informed performance, katamari, katta ashula, knitting, kundalini yoga, languages, lemon meringue pie, leonard cohen, maqom, martial arts, menstrual cups, middle eastern food, music, nay, newgrass, nick cave, o'zbek musiqasi, o'zbek tili, o'zbekcha, old time, old-time music, organic foods, ottoman empire, paganism, pagans, philosophy, power tools, puzzle pirates, rollerblading, science fiction, shashmaqom, shawms, shettles, shettles method, skiing, step aerobics, tanbur, tatu, used bookstores, uyghur music, uzbek, video games, whole grains, womens studies, world music, y!pp, yoga, zemfira, русская музыка, русский, ўзбекча
I'm an academic and musician who studies Central Asian music, feminist theory, postmodernism, transnationalism, and a couple other -isms when I manage to convince myself to avoid video games, cooking, knitting, and other distractions.